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Urban Farming: Feeding The Cities

2 March 2022   |   Grand Ballroom, Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

Questions and Answers

Can there be a combination of soilless and open field farming? What resources are available for existing open field farming?

There is always a possibility to combine farming. But I don't think it's very active in a system where you combine in 1 greenhouse. You need to choose and be good in it. Both are possible, but both have their own aims.

Mr. Ogbole talked lightly on profitability of ugwu farming. Ugwu being an acceptable and highly demanded vegetable in Nigeria, are there no ways to improve on the methods of it's cultivation and hence profitability?

Always able to improve! There are still a lot of things to make better. And I think exchange knowledge between Nigeria and The Netherlands can help to improve it together!

Is there also a focus on soil, water and fertiliser analysis? And if so, what are the action points/steps to be taken?

Focus on soil and water is very important. Hopefully at the end constantly, but that nowadays a struggle due to electricity and internet availability. They already measure intensively the water happily.

I would like to know the strategies for preventing incidence of pesticide residues in protected horticulture farming system. I read in a recent study conducted in Sudan about the detection of pesticide residues above Codex safety limit in Cucumber and Tomatoes grown in greenhouse farms.

IPM can already help a lot. Preventing with natural inputs and actions will already reduce a lot.

There is little conversation about simple technology tools in Urban Agriculture - what is Lagos State and Netherlands doing in that regard, especially to attract the youth.

Technology can attract already! I agree, although, only with technology we are not there....we need experience and we need to share knowledge! Cluster and strength each other.

What are the key performance indicators for the urban farming initiative? how do we avoid doubling on numerous initiatives both in the private and public sector? After today perhaps a wall of improvements/initiatives allows transparency for stakeholders to plug into the different initiatives already in flight

Management will be most important and a good design to be successful. I don't think at this moment numerous initiatives are a problem. It would be great to cluster them! Find your market and share your knowledge with each other!

For cooling in greenhouses, would fogging/misting and fans be a good additional solution in a poly net greenhouse in Nigeria?

Yes, it would be good, although you see high humidity. Most important is in our opinion the height of the greenhouse, Net that transfers wind, and the butterfly top for extra ventilation. Additional fogging/misting and fans can help

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